This is where you will make changes to your life from day 1

You MADE IT! You have taken the leap of faith because you want to make changes, build a new life, build a business or change your mindset to one of success!  

I designed Success Accelerator with the goal of offering the ultimate course to outshine all the ‘get rich quick’ courses and seminars out there to provide you with the essential tools, real value and thought processes to begin changing your life. With the abundance of misinformation out there it’s often easy to get confused with the approach to take when it comes to clearly identifying your goals, starting a business or building the lifestyle you always wanted. This course aims to clear things up for you once and for all and to make it clear in a no-nonsense, easy to understand course, with knowledge gained from my first hand real-life experience.

James W Phillips

Essex, England


Many people ask James how it all began, well it all began by a chance meeting with a friend, and a luxury blog was created called

James’ profile began to grow, and like a true entrepreneur he thought, what can he launch next? A print magazine Luxury Life International was born and launched by James in Monte Carlo with a hugely successful VIP party.

But wanting more, James has evolved his thought process further, and thought outside of the box, and has embraced young companies and formed the JWP Group, which includes a marketing and PR arm of the JWP business and the JWP Foundation, an over-arching organisation which provides mentoring for young entrepreneurs and support for clients and partners good causes word wide. This year JWP is launching some exciting new projects as part of an expanding media group, including a book about James’ past seven years in the luxury space, with advice and also real life stories about the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, together with his online course, Success Accelerator and his own clothing lines. James is currently mentoring students in New York under the JWP Foundation.

Based in London, Essex, Italy and Monaco, the marketing consultancy offers everything from corporate video and short movie production, celebrity PR, James as your ambassador, SEO, web design, copywriting, social media campaigns to advertising design, set design, business coaching, networking and events, so this really is a fully rounded virtuous circle providing real value for everyone while giving back to great causes through the foundation.

Let’s all look forward to the future!