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«Success Accelerator» the only course you will ever need. By the JWP Academy

Your new life starts here: luxury, glory and success

  • You will learn 6 steps to achieve your dream goals with a powerful mentor living the millionaire lifestyle
  • Learn to set ambitious goals and reach them without giving up halfway
  • Peek behind the scenes of a luxurious life: Monaco, Cannes, French Riviera and New York
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Don't let your dreams remain a dream

Look around. Have you noticed successful people?

They travel whenever they want, have expensive cars and apartments, do what they love. They're always fashionably dressed and surrounded by beauty.

Simply speaking, they are happy and free.

envy to yourself

You may look with envy at them and think to yourself:

“How lucky they are, they must have been born into a wealthy family or won the lottery, I can never achieve this...!”

2 questions

Or you may ask yourself 2 questions:

- Why don't I live such a life now?
- How can I achieve success, fame and wealth?

You can look for the answers to these questions for a lifetime, but never find them

Or you can get a ready-made solution right now.

Don't waste anymore precious time on fruitless searches full of disappointment

Wondering how to achieve success, fame and wealth?

The answer to this question is in the course "Success Accelerator".
You will find here not just an answer, but a step-by-step plan, that anyone can cope with. Just enrol today and follow its guidance!


Your life will change from day 1, this course is built on your mentors real life not just guess work and tired, previously seen internet courses


I know that you’ve got doubts. And that's okay. But here's the real fact. There have been only positive reviews about the course and your mentors business and lifestyle for the past 7 years.


Countless people have already achieved their goals, breaking the fear barriers. They let success burst into their lives


Сourse includes: 6 practical modules

01/ Identifying your goals, and where and who you want to be

Everything you want is on the other side of fear! Find out how to begin planning your dream goals!

02/ Drive and Ambition

Find your inner strength and power to achieve your dream life!

03/ What do you do when you land?

Learn my secrets so you can sustain your new dream lifestyle!

modules dude

04/ Conquering fear, failure, self-doubt, worry and big problems!

Conquering fear, failure, self‑doubt, worry and big problems!

05/ Fitness and self-image for success and why it's important for you

Fitness and self-image for success and why it's important for you!

06/ What success looks like!

What success really looks like! Living your best life!

I'm James William Phillips – The author of the course and your mentor

  1. Relentless magazine and many other titles
  2. I am one of the Top-100 most influential people in Essex UK, for 4 years running
  3. Owner of the JWP Marketing and Celebrity PR agency
  4. Founder of the JWP Academy, making clients dreams a reality with world-class luxury lifestyle packages
  5. CEO of the JWP Group. Business trading styles include super car sales, super yacht and mega yacht charter worldwide, private jet charter, luxury concierge and high society lifestyle management

I founded JWP Academy and created the «Success Accelerator» course

For people who choose to go their own way, and to conquer their fears

And live a positive life, banish negativity and to give back

Learn how to banish worry, deal with negative people, big problems and fake people


And now you have a choice

To walk away, go back to your daily routine with a lack of prospects, to keep dreaming, feeling down with low income OR change your life once and for all, and exeprience the lifestyle of super yachts, glamorous people and luxury cars

Why is it such great value?
It’s £49.

Yes it is such great value! It’s so low, because I want to help the maximum number of people.

But if you want a personal consultation

Ready today to fast track your life? Then you should choose an extended program from JWP Academy.
Where you will enjoy glamorous events, concierge services and VIP-access


Now choose your path to transformation

The first step to success


  • Online course
  • 6 practical modules
  • Access to a private account 24/7 (for 6 months)
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Bronze Hero

  • Online course
  • 6 practical modules
  • Access to a private account 24/7 (for 6 months)
  • A day consultation:

    -121 advice from James

    -a personal assessment;

    pointing the way forward;

    -continuing support.

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Silver Streak

  • Online course
  • 6 practical modules
  • Access to a private account 24/7 (for 6 months)
  • Two-day consultation:

    -121 advice from James

    -a personal assessment;

    pointing the way forward;

    -continuing support.

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Gold Label

  • Online course
  • 6 practical modules
  • Access to a private account 24/7 (for 6 months)
  • Four-day consultation:

    -121 advice from James

    -a personal assessment;

    pointing the way forward;

    -continuing support.

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Platinum Champion

from £2499
  • A month consultation:

    - VIP access to international glamorous events

    - Monaco Events with James

    - Personal shopping and discounts premium concierge service

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With my help you will achieve everything that seemed impossible yesterday.

Unlike many courses out there that promise everything and deliver nothing such as “Become a millionaire in 2 days”. The JWP Academy is built on my real‑life, real‑world experience and the life I am living right now. You can read just some of my reviews at

James has been instrumental in helping...

James has been instrumental in helping me as a professional sculptor in securing representation on the French Riviera. If he believes in you, he will give you genuine support and work alongside you to push your horizons. James has genuine passion for what he does. I can highly recommend him!

Simon Bacon

JWP and Berkeley Red have partnered...

JWP and Berkeley Red have partnered together and we have a great relationship with James and enjoy working with him

Claudia Stadnik

JWP Academy is a boom to business education

JWP Academy is a great example of a company that believes in business education at the high school level by working with La Salle Institute to provide business opportunities/projects for students to work on that have real world implications. They are a company that believes in integrity, honesty, and entrepreneurship.

Michael Levy


I have worked with James on the print version of the Luxury Life Magazine as a art director and graphic designer, and find James to be a absolute delight to work with. He is a great professional in marketing and PR and create good network, knowledge and solutions with a humble and great approch. We had a lot of fun even in the most stressful times. James is higly recomended to help you take your business to the new level.

Maria Orlando

First class service offered by JWP Marketing & PR Consultancy

JWP Marketing & PR Consultancy offers first class service; they take time to fully understand their clients' requirements and their clients' business. They work incredibly hard and always go the extra mile to meet their clients needs. JWP is smart, intelligent and knows how to drive businesses forward. I would recommend JWP to anybody, business or entrerprise.

Karen Slater

5-star Experience for Luxury Sectors

James is a consummate professional for all facets of high-level marketing and public relations strategies.

It is embarrassingly clear that there are a lot of people within the luxury sector who 'talk the talk' and don't deliver, but you won't get that from JWP Marketing & PR Consultancy who deliver a 5-star experience!

James' honesty about what can be achieved is refreshing and he treats clients with professional respect by offering fresh ideas. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend James to anyone looking to grow their media presence and networks within luxury industries.

Access Riviera

James is trustworthy and professional

James is trustworthy and professional. We have collaborated on a few occasions. I appreciate his work ethnic. Sincere and trustworthy.

Natalie Robinson

Great professional in PR marketing

James is a professional marketing manager with a great experience in PR marketing. I worked with him as Product Manager for the issue 7 of the print Luxury Lifestyle International magazine. He is a very correct and determined person, always available for dialogue. He will be always honest about what goals you can reach in your business. His customers' needs come first. His keen intelligence leads him to find the most appropriate solutions for the promotion of his clients' business and to ensure that they get real results. I recommend James for PR marketing.

Ruth Luckman

The ONLY marketing & PR company to use…

The ONLY marketing & PR company to use if you want to promote your luxury brand, in the right places to the right people. Highly professional and expertly connected



Fantastic, I do frequent business with JWP and I can not fault it one bit. A very hard working business of which always set the clients needs as a priority. Would highly recommend.

George Andreas Artemi

James offered valuable advice and guidance

James offered valuable advice and guidance to gain my Instagram verification Blue Tick, and it worked!

Davit Gharibyan
Actor, Model and TV personality

Expert advice from James .....the man who knows!

I approached James for some advice for my son who went abroad to look for work in South of France. James’s advice was spot on and my son has landed himself a top job sailing the world on a super yacht.

Thanks again James from Mandy and Justin Fields

Mandy Fields

But unfortunately, reading reviews won't change your life.

Only practical steps will change your life for the better.

The most viable option is to take steps with those who have already succeeded

That’s why if you need change:

  • How to make change in your life
  • Want much more, than you have, but have no idea where to start
  • Think that changing your life is expensive, difficult and almost impossible

This course is a springboard for launching your new successful life

A simple step today, will decide your future for tomorrow

Otherwise, another 10 years will pass
and you will regret wasting time killing your success...

Changes ahead